Pre-Canskate *not available in 2020*

Pre-Canskate *not available in 2020*

An introduction to skating for skater’s ages 3-5 years of age, they are not required to have previous experience.  This 30 minute session focuses on Balance and Basic Skating Skills using teaching aids, music and a wide variety of activities that create a fun environment and promote learning.  The entire 30 minutes is coached by a NCCP/Skate Canada Professional Coach.  This program is designed to not overwhelm the skaters who are just starting in the wonderful world of skating.

Our Pre-Canskate program runs Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:00-6:30 pm. A 10 minutes warm up session will start at 5:50 pm in the Lobby, then proceed onto the ice for the 30 minute session.

Name tags will be given to skaters on their first day of skating.  Name tags will be placed on the table in the lobby each day of skating and must be worn on the ice each day. Our P.A.’s will collect the name tags at the end of each day or if your skater has been missed, please leave name tags on the table in the lobby for collection.

As skaters move through the Pre-CanSkate program, there are many rewards and ribbons to be handed out as the skater accomplishes certain skating skills. When the skater has accomplished all of their skating basics, the skater will have the opportunity to start the CanSkate program.

Our certified coach will teach the Pre-CanSkate program in a group lesson format along with the help from our dedicated trained program assistants ( P.A.’s) Our P.A.’s are our junior & senior skaters that volunteer their time to assist our coaches, our club and our CanSkate, Pre-Can Skate skaters.